We The People Are Standing Together For Our Rights

We The People Are Standing Together For Our Rights © 2018 Elizabeth Wright We The People are more than a number for your expenditures and calculations. I'm a man, a woman, and a child. I'm a grandparent, an uncle, and an aunt. I'm a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, and a stranger. We The People are... Continue Reading →

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Bully Birds

        Here's a little bit of what inspired "Bully Birds" : Last year I met a very kind lady who owns her own shop.  When we were in the area I would go by and show support for her business. Several times I would see an injured pigeon walking around her shop. She... Continue Reading →


Top Environmental Petitions | Date: 06/21/17 Please sign 🖋 & share 💠   (#1 🖋) STOP LINE 3! https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/add-your-voice-to-stop-the-line-3-tar-sands-pipeline/?source=psn-facebook-share "...In conclusion, we appreciate the requirement of an Environmental Impact Statement for crude oil pipeline projects in the State of Minnesota, and believe that this DEIS should set a more diligent precedent for these kinds of... Continue Reading →

Protect Patients! ~A White House Petition~

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/protect-patients-dangerous-medical-devices-investigate-and-end-fda-corruption-fire-fdacdrh-director-jeff-shuren 📣 PLEASE SIGN ✒ & SHARE 100, 000 signatures are needed by May! Remember: Check your email to confirm your signature. (Petition for U.S. signatures)  #protectpatients #humanrights #socialjustice #stopcorruption #stopdangerousmedicaldevices #medicalinjury #medicalmalpractice #fda


Repost from: spiritualjourney17: Everyone at work has had this chronic cough for a few weeks now and didn’t heed warning from their bodies that perhaps they needed to take a few days off to rest. I wasn’t surprised when I came home with a head cold that almost led to bronchitis. Dr. A prescribed antibiotics... Continue Reading →

Who doesn't like a good roller coaster ride? Fun eh? An adrenaline rush. A fast and gripping trip. Bright colors and lights flashing. People smiling as they wait in a line.....

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